Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Toys

BJ plays with the most random toys!  Sometimes, they aren't even toys. 

"Hmm... What's this?  A tupperware cover?"

"Nope... It's my new toy!"

I think we should just save our money buying BJ toys and find stuff around the house to give him.  He seems to find more satisfaction in household items like tupperware covers and measuring cups! Haha.  

In other news, BJ's been trying to stand on his own.  He walks  from one end of the couch to the other by holding on to the edge, and sometimes tries to let go to see if he can stand.  It's kinda scary when he's at home because we have laminate flooring so we try to stay right by him whenever he pulls himself to standing on the couch.  Aunty K (the babysitter) told me today that he was leaning on the couch, got excited, let go and jumped up, and hit his head on the ground.  Lucky that Aunty K's house is carpeted! I inspected BJ's head and he has a small red bump on his head... first of many (small) injuries, I'm sure.  He's such a playful boy. lol. 

I have a feeling he's going to walk early because he loves standing and walking so much.  He even developed a small callus on his foot because of the way he "crawls".  In reality, BJ doesn't really crawl. He kinda moves across the floor like a dolphin by flopping his body across the floor; it's rather humorous. You'd think it would take him a while to go across the room, but he's a speedy boy. You turn your head for 5 seconds and he's out of the room, into the kitchen. lol. He's beginning to be a handful... But a fun handful, of course. :-)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some Milestones

Wow... BJ picked up a piece of lint off the ground today and stuck it in his mouth!  Gross!  He sure has the pincer grasp down good!  Ugh, I was dreading the moment that we would actually have to go and baby proof everything and I think that moment has come.  I guess I'm going to be spending a part of Veteran's Day cleaning the house. Blegh.  I will just look at this moment positively in the sense that BJ is maturing. Haha. :-P

In other (better) news, BJ has also learned how to sit up from his tummy.  He's also learned how to clap!

We are so proud of him.  He  just made 8 months yesterday and he just keeps changing every day!  It's amazing.  Here's a short video:

How are all of your kiddies/pets/families doing?  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween Monkey

I've been catching up in the blogging world and everyone's kiddies look so cute in their costumes!  We dressed BJ up too, but we didn't go trick-or-treating.  We thought it really didn't make sense considering BJ can't eat the candy that he would've collected, but now I'm a little sad we didn't go because I'm craving some candy. haha!

Halloween was fun, though!  We went over to my in-laws' house and passed out candy there.

After scouring a bunch of different costume sites and stores, we decided to go with a monkey costume. :-)  I was really surprised because BJ didn't mind having the headpiece on his head, and didn't even try to pull it off.  I think he likes Halloween. :-D  One of my friends suggested that HJ dress up in a banana costume but he didn't go for that. Hehe.

Hope you all had a great October! Now it's on to November and Thanksgiving!!!

<3, Tracepoo