Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jacob's Birthday

A couple of days ago, March 9 to be exact, was Jacob's 4th Birthday!

This coming weekend, we will be staying at a local hotel to officially celebrate, but we wanted to do something special on Jacob's birthday.  When we asked him what he wanted to do, he had two simple requests: Genki Sushi and Fun Factory.

I feel like such a dummy for not taking more pictures, but we were too busy enjoying him to take them. We first started celebrating his birthday at GG and Baachan's house the night before, where my mom made breaded shrimp, yakisoba, and deviled eggs for dinner.

My parents also got us him an amazing cake:

The hand is Jacob's... he's succeeded in licking the cake before candles.

The next day, Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunty Jaz came over with breakfast. We also went shopping for a bunk bed that Grandma and Grandpa got for him (more on that in a future post.)

Then, we went to Genki Sushi for lunch. Genki Sushi, if you're not familiar with it, is a restaurant where the sushi and other dishes go around on a revolving conveyor belt.  There are two on Maui, and we went to the one at Maui Mall.  I would just like to document what he ate because I seriously think he ate more than I did: He ate 3 tuna rolls, 1 hot dog roll, and some spam.  I know he's growing but 5 plates at Genki Sushi? Yikes. He's only 4 years old.

After that, we crossed the sidewalk and went to Fun Factory, which is an arcade/game center. It's the closest thing to legal gambling you can find on Maui but it's mostly for kids. Jacob got a bunch of tickets and cashed them in for some fun prizes, including a Despicable Me coloring book & markers.

Although it doesn't seem like much typed out, I think Jacob had a great time. As I mentioned earlier, this weekend we will be staying at a local hotel with really fun water slides. He'll definitely have fun there, so more on that soon.... Ugh, but it better not rain this weekend!!

Happy 4th Birthday, Jacob. Don't grow too fast. Mommy and Daddy love you very much.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Birthday Present from Jacob

Last Sunday, March 2, was my birthday.

First, let me start by saying that I turned the BIG 3-0. It's crazy to think that I'm now in my 30's. I thought I would be more depressed, but it wasn't too bad. In fact, it didn't bother me at all. I remember wanting to hide under my blanket when I turned 29, but it wasn't like that this time. Maybe I came to terms with the fact that I would hit my 30's... I mean, you can't stop time, right?

So here I am in my 30's, and I'm actually okay with it.

It helps that I got the best present ever. You see, Jacob's weakness in school is his writing and use of scissors. (I blame the stubbornness he inherited from his Daddy... he doesn't like to sit around and do drills.  We decided drilling him wasn't the best way to teach him. Anyway...) He's still working on the whole cutting thing, but he's getting a lot better at writing.

This is officially the best present I have ever received:

He spelled MOM! Oh Jacob, I love you. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

What I Don't Like About Me - Procrastination

Today, I had an epiphany.  I realized something about myself and I am determined to fix it. My entire life, my mom has said that I am this way, but I brushed it off and didn't believe her. Sorry, mom.  You were right.

I am a procrastinator... but not just any 'ol procrastinator.  What happens with me is I get focused on one thing to the 100th degree.  I immerse myself so deeply in this "thing" for a few weeks and spend all my time doing it.  Then, my ambitions get too high with a certain part of the project and I start to put it on the backburner. First, for a day. Then, for 3 days.  In the end, it's on the side for months because I don't want to do it anymore since it's been so long since I touched it. Does this sound familiar to any of you?

In regards to my personal interests, yup this describes me completely.

For example, I was so gung-ho about my thank you cards for Christmas.  I printed them out, wrote them all, and then I had to address them. I didn't want to do that. So...... there it sat, in my car. Last week, I pulled them out to finally send them and they were all stuck together!!! Needless to say I was so mad at myself. UGH. Now I have to find away to get them un-stuck and send them off before it's June! Can you imagine? Thank you cards for Christmas being sent in June... It's bad enough it's March 1 today. Eep.

In January, I tried to learn to sew. I made 2 wallets and a drawstring bag and I was so proud of myself.  Then, I doomed myself by deciding that I was going to sew a t-shirt blanket for Jacob.  The first step in sewing this blanket is that I have to select about 16 of Jacob's old t-shirts -- but they're in his closet. So there went sewing.

Finally, this happened with my blog. At the beginning of the year I was so set to type, type, type.  Then, I had the "bright idea" to write recipes so I can pin them on pinterest. I let Jacob try the recipe, took a bunch of pictures, and started writing the post. Then I realized how difficult writing recipes are, and bam, I hit the wall. I got stuck. Every time I thought about my blog, I had icky feelings because I didn't want to write the recipe post, so I just put it on the side all together.


I've been meaning to get back into blogging, and I realized what I could do to get back into gear as far as blogging goes. Throw out the recipe idea! Duh.

So here I am. Throwing out the recipe idea.

This blog is all about Jacob, and that's how it should be. Not about recipes.

Love you, Jacob!