PR Friendly

A Maui Mommy

Aloha to all company representatives! Thank you for considering me to review your product.  If you feel that my blog suits what you are looking for, I will be happy and honored to do a review.  (Please note that this is a family-friendly blog, and I reserve the right to politely decline the product if I feel that it does not suit my blog.)

I would like to be honest to my readers, so all reviews will be real.  If I feel a product warrants a negative review, I will contact you to see if you would like me to continue to post the review.  (However, I'm generally a positive person so I don't think I will find most products negative.)

Some ideas for reviews and giveaways:

  • Mommy Products
  • Maui Products
  • Daddy Products (My hubby can do a review too!)
  • Toddler/Kids Products
  • Books (I love to read!)
  • Clothing
  • Etsy Products
  • Home Improvement Products
  • Various other family-friendly products

People available to do reviews:

1.  Tracy

My name is Tracy and I love to read, browse the internet, try out new crafts,cook, and shop for deals.  I was a full-time high school business teacher at my alma mater for 7 years, but recently made the transition to Human Resources.  Lastly, of course, I absolutely love to spend time with Jacob and Josh.

2.  Hubby 

My husband, Josh, loves to golf, play music, keep our grass green, and "relax".  He also likes cars and watching sports.  

3.  Jacob 

My four year old son would love to help you do a review. He's included in almost every post in this blog. :-)  How could you refuse this face? hehe.

For reviews and giveaways:

  • I will need a sample product to review, and will not be responsible for shipping.  Please do not send a trial version.  I will need the actual size of the product.  In addition, the product will not be shipped back after being reviewed.
  • If a giveaway is provided to readers, I will not be responsible for shipping the product to the winner.  You will be contacted with the winner's information after the giveaway is complete.
  • The mandatory entry will be to visit your website, and come back to comment on my blog, unless you would prefer a different method of promotion.
Thank you very much for the opportunity.  

For all other questions, please contact me at