Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Something I Will Never Do...

I have a confession:  I people watch.  All the time. It's not like I do it obviously where I stare at people and make them feel uncomfortable, but I do it naturally, and it's fun to observe human interaction to see what "other people" do in various situations.  My part-time job gives me many opportunities to people watch because it's a little cafe and there are 10 - 20 people at any given time. Sometimes, I get to witness the most amazing things, such as a little toddler hugging his older sister, or a couple in their 70's holding hands and spending time talking to each other.  Seeing positive relationships comforts me, because all I see on the news nowadays are stories about fighting, guns, wars, etc.  Most of the time, people watching is fun...

Today, however, I witnessed something horrible.  There was a mom and her two children (teenage girl and a little boy) who came up to the counter to order breakfast from me, and here's how the conversation went:

Mom:  Do y'all have smoothies?

Me:  Yes, here is our menu for smoothies.

Boy:  Mom, can I have french toast?

Mom: No. You are going to share a smoothie with your sister, and we'll see from there.
(turns to me)
We'll have the Paradise Power Up.

Boy: MOM! I want french toast! I'm hungry.

Mom:  No. You will share a smoothie for breakfast.

Boy: MOM! Please! I'm HUNGRY.

Mom: No. We'll have the paradise power up.

Boy starts crying.

This conversation broke my heart! I don't think I'm describing the heartbreak this boy had in his face, and it's hard to convey on the internet, but I felt terribly for him.  It didn't help my sanity that he was very skinny...and maybe(?) his mother was trying to get him to eat some fresh fruit, but he honestly looked starved. 


Right then, in that moment, I promised myself I would NEVER get to the point of BJ begging me for food.  It was so sad.

I guess I shouldn't try that hard to people watch too much... I don't like seeing negative situations.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blog Re-Design

Any bloggers out there know good sites to re-do my blog for free? As you can see from the picture, BJ is 4 months old in the current blog design, and he's almost 2 and a half now. I think it's time to re-decorate. lol...

 I remember when I first designed my blog, it took FOREVER, and even though it took me forever (and a day), it still doesn't look the most professional. I'm not exactly the best at photoshop. If anyone has any tips, please share. :-) Time-saving tricks make me happy.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Random Conversation with Daddy

HJ:  (Watching tv) "What the heck?"
BJ:  "Don't say that Daddy!"
HJ:  "Huh? Don't say what, Jacob?"
BJ:  "Don't say, 'What the heck', Daddy."
HJ:  "Oh. Don't say what the heck?"
BJ:  "Yah.  Don't say 'What the heck.'  That's a bad word, Daddy."
HJ:  "Okay, Jacob. I won't say that."
BJ:  "Yah. Don't say that."

haha talking to BJ can be so much fun!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Size 6 Diapers

Size 6 Diapers.  The maximum size that most manufacturers make diapers is size 6, and at two  and a half years old, BJ is currently wearing this maximum size. We are planning to potty train soon, but it's quite unnerving to think that he's reached the max.  I don't understand how some kids remain in diapers until they are 3 or 4 years old.  Where do these parents get their diapers from???  BJ isn't necessarily the skinniest child, but he's not the chubbiest either! Ugh.

I guess it's time to get serious about potty training.  We've started to introduce the idea of "sitting on the toilet", and he has peed once or twice when actually sitting on the toilet, but he hasn't figured out the concept of letting us know when he has to go.

If anyone has any tips for potty training little boys, please let me know. I would appreciate any hints and tips!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Bribe My Son to Eat Veggies

I never said I was the perfect parent. In fact, I'm not anywhere near it.  My son is almost 2 and a half years old, and his favorite foods are Mac and Cheese, cheeseburgers, and McDonald's French Fries. lol...

Lately, I've been trying to include more veggies and fruits into his diet, and trying to cook more at home. It's definitely not easy.  I was told by several people to learn how to hide more veggies into his food (by blending, etc.), but I've been trying not to do that because I want him to appreciate vegetables; actually learn to like them.  It's been a slow process.  When I first started serving veggies to BJ, he pretty much refused.  Then, I got him to eat a couple of raw carrots (*gasp*) by serving some chive & onion dip with it.  He mostly ate dip but hey... a couple of carrots is better than nothing. haha.

Tonight, we ate sausage and squash with rice, but BJ was only eating the rice!

I didn't want to force squash down his throat, because I think that would be considered child abuse, lol, so I bribed him instead!  For every bite of  squash, he got to eat a small potato chip.  lol... Like I said, I'm not the perfect parent... but the fact that he's eating veggies at all is a small step towards healthy eating!  He even ate a banana for dessert!  If you have any suggestions on healthy eating, please let me know... but don't criticize me. I'm trying!!! :-)