Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Mommy, I Love To...

Dear Mommy,

I love to....

TOUCH things!  

Not just any ol' thing, but mostly things that are important to you.  I also loooove playing with your students' homework and crinkling them up. It's pretty fun.

Love, your playful son,


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stress Relievers...

Everyone has stress and people have varying methods of how they relieve their stress.  Some get massages, others take a sip of wine/beer, but all find their own way to relax.  Lately, my form of relaxation has been to play with BJ.  I could be having the MOST stressful day at work, but when I come home and see the smiling/playful baby, who's not much of a baby anymore but more of a toddler, I can't help but smile and feel happy.

This is BJ playing with his new toy.  The balls wind down the spiral plastic piece and gets shot out of the hole at the top.  In the short span that I was gone from the blogging world, BJ has learned to play with his own toys!  He loves musical toys and balls, so this toy is perfect because it has both! :-)  (No, I am not conducting a review of this product. BJ just really loves it. lol)  I told myself I wouldn't purchase random toys for my future babies b/c I want to save money... but I ran across this toy at a big-box store and just HAD to get it.  Oh my; I sound like a spoiling mommy don't I?  I just couldn't help it.  When BJ gets older, I'm going to have to work on not spoiling him and being more strict.  For now... toys, toys, toys galore. hehe.

Today, the most amazing thing happened.  BJ was hanging out at the bottom of the staircase and I was about 15-20 feet away.  He stood up, let go of the railing, and walked to me!!!  I was so shocked I started yelping and screaming; hooting and hollering. hahaha.  It's amazing how quickly babies can acquire tasks and learn new things.  I wish I could still be learning at the rate they do! I think I'd be a genius. ;-P

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One Year Party Planning

It freaked me out as I typed the title above, because if I'm blogging about BJ's one year party, that means it's coming soon!!! AAAAARGH.  I don't really know what it's like on the 'mainland' aka the Continental US, but in Hawaii, a one-year old's baby party is a huge deal. When people used to ask me before BJ was born if I was going to have a one-year party (aka Baby Luau), I used to say, "Of course not!  The baby's not going to remember anyway."  However, now that BJ was born and we have been a 3-person family for a little over 10 months, I can totally see why families stress the importance of having it.  +He's a precious child...It's going to be his ONLY first birthday, so why not have a small get-together with loved ones?  Plus, I've heard that it's good luck to celebrate his good health. So why not? hehe+...

(Well... I can think of a couple of "why-not" reasons, like the stress of planning and costs involved, but I like to stay away from thinking negatively. haha)

[Doesn't BJ sound spoiled? I always said I wasn't going to spoil my first-born. Oye]

There are a lot of things you say you would/wouldn't do when you become a parent, and all of those things go out the window once you become a parent. 

Anyway, I'm getting off track... I was supposed to be talking about his one-year party! lol... So we're going to have it at the new house and it's going to be kind of like a housewarming/baby-one-year barbecue.  I know the character theme we'll be using, and that's about it... and it's only two months away! Ahhh.  I have to start planning soon, but I have been so stressed about the move that I haven't had the time to think about his party. Well, hopefully we'll be completely moved in by this weekend, and that should give me some time to officially start party planning.  *Cross my fingers that the weather remains sunny.*  There was a chance of rain tonight. Eep.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Annnd I'm back! Seriously this time. New HOUSE!!!

Woohoo, I'm back. No joke this time. I can finally announce something that has kept me from blogging all this time.  (No... I am not pregnant. Ha!)  HJ and I are finally HOMEOWNERS! We have been so busy and stressed trying to figure everything out, that I made a executive decision mentally take a short hiatus from blogging to minus one thing off of my checklist. I am so sorry for not coming on and keeping in contact with all of my "blogging friends", but I really had to concentrate on house things. :-/

Some of you know what the cottage we were renting looks like, and it's not a very large space.  HJ, tiny BJ, and I survived just fine in it.  It's a small one bedroom cottage with a semi-large walk in closet and laminate flooring.  However, now that BJ is almost a year and crawling, it felt like we were living in a mini-cardboard box... Plus, BJ had a difficult time crawling around on the hard floor.  We realized that we had to leave the cottage that was once cozy and move on to a higher-priced, comfier location.  (Is comfier a word?)  HJ: "And at least our son gets a room now!"  We are really excited and ecstatic!  YIPPEEEE. (Sorry, I couldn't control myself. haha)  So this three-day weekend will be spent cleaning and moving into the new house. I was so excited to start my day today that I woke up at 3:30am. hahaha. Now that it's 6:30, I think I can get up and get ready to move. Wahoo!  See you all soon!  Pictures coming later....

Oh... and BJ says Hi!:  +9fo+r119-888888885