Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Deep Discussions - Travel

*Sigh* HJ and I are in deep discussions about possibly going on a trip this summer.  It's not like I want to go... it's more like I have to go.  Before I knew I was pregnant, I committed to doing a presentation at a national conference in Philadelphia for my club at school.  It's all expenses paid, so I thought it would be a great chance for HJ and I to celebrate our two year anniversary... little did we know that we would have a 4 month old infant to travel with.

HJ doesn't want to go... but I kind of have to go. I don't want to back out of a commitment and ruin my good name (or what little of a "good name" I have).  haha.  HJ suggested that I consider going by myself... but really? Leaving baby home scares me, even though I know that HJ is a better parent than I am.

We decided that we're going... but we're both nervous.  I never wanted to be that parent that gets stared at on the airplane with the baby crying in her arms.  You all know what I'm talking about. That parent.  You've given them a glare or two before, haven't you?


If there are any baby readers out there that could give me some advice on travelling with an infant, I would be so grateful.  It's a about a 13 hour plane ride total from here to Philly.  Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.


  1. hi tracy! i hear you...dave and i are going to sacramento (much shorter plane ride!) in july...but we're going to leave caleb with my mom and brynna with his parents...the idea of being away from my two babies for a week is scary and sad...we were first going to bring my mom and the two kids with us, but then decided that wouldn't be a good idea and it would be torturous for my mom in a hotel room with the two kids while we were in sessions for the week.

    what scares me the most and why we really decided to leave them here is the recycled air in the plane and how susceptible to infections brynna would be at 4 months old...and because we'd be so far away from home, it would mean a guarantee trip to the e.r. if she got we decided it would be best to leave them home where the doctor is in case of anything. i'm sure i'll cry on the plane and every night, but i guess that's what's best for the babies.

    as far as traveling that distance with a baby...sorry, i don't have any advice for that cuz the farthest we've taken them is maui :-). good luck...i'm sure everything will totally be fine!!

  2. Oh man that is a lot to take on! While obviously I have no words of advice I do know a couple who have taken their little one and a toddler all the way to Jakarta and back. They made it work and I know you can if you all are going to take Jacob. Good luck!

  3. ASKC - Is that for the AVID conference? I think my coworkers are going too...

    anyway, yah we also considered leaving jacob at home at one of our parents' house but i'm too attached because he's still drinking breastmilk. :-/ i have a pump but i'm worried that we'll run out... i know there's always formula but... yah. more than anything, I'M the one that doesn't want to leave him. haha and I totally know what you mean about crying. I think I would too. lol. But at least you and your husband can spend some time together, and then take them to CA when they are older and can remember it!

    Habebi - Wow an infant and a toddler to Jakarta?? That gives me hope that it's possible :-D Thank you!!!

  4. We traveled at night when our daughter was that young. That way she could sleep through everything and not disrupt her schedule too much.

  5. K
    That's a great idea! Only problem is it's one red eye flight + one day time flight just to get to Philly from Maui. *sigh* It's a looong trip. One of the negatives about living in the middle of the Pacific!