Saturday, December 4, 2010

BJ's First Booboo

*Sigh* BJ got his first official booboo last night... He's been very active lately, crawling around and running into everything.  Last night, BJ decided to chase after the football that his G.G. (Grandpa Glenn) got for him; he somehow crawled over the football, landed directly on  his face and started sobbing.  I felt terrible so I picked him up, as he buried his face into my shoulder.  I ran to show HJ that he landed on his face, and when BJ pulled his face up from my shoulder, all I saw was blood gushing out of his mouth.  HJ started panicking asking me if we had to go to the doctor, but after we wiped off all the blood and checked for missing teeth, we realized that when he fell on his face, he bit his upper lip and cut it.

Don't worry, though, BJ's okay.  He just has a fat upper lip.  Not sure if you can see it from this picture because I had to use a cell phone to take it:

He kinda looks like this....

Haha.  It's kinda not a laughing matter, but now that we know he's okay, it's kinda funny

This morning when BJ woke up, we noticed that the swelling went down, so his lip is healing.  It was just a really scary feeling to see all that blood... and after the shock wore off, I felt TERRIBLE that he got hurt.  I realize that BJ's his own person and that I can't protect him from everything, but I felt really sad about the whole thing.  In honesty, I felt like a terrible parent.  *sigh*

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  1. i don't know if my first comment went through so i'm re-commenting:-).

    i feel your pain! the first time caleb got a major, blood flowing mouth owie, i was pretty scared too! it happened in wal-mart and it was basically my fault because i wasn't holding his hand tightly and he ended up falling flat on his face. he chipped a tooth and bit his lower lip...and i know what you mean about the blood making it a million times worse! kids are so resilient, though...i think it bothers us for way longer than it actually pains them! this is just preparation for the countless other owies they'll get throughout their lives!