Saturday, January 15, 2011

Annnd I'm back! Seriously this time. New HOUSE!!!

Woohoo, I'm back. No joke this time. I can finally announce something that has kept me from blogging all this time.  (No... I am not pregnant. Ha!)  HJ and I are finally HOMEOWNERS! We have been so busy and stressed trying to figure everything out, that I made a executive decision mentally take a short hiatus from blogging to minus one thing off of my checklist. I am so sorry for not coming on and keeping in contact with all of my "blogging friends", but I really had to concentrate on house things. :-/

Some of you know what the cottage we were renting looks like, and it's not a very large space.  HJ, tiny BJ, and I survived just fine in it.  It's a small one bedroom cottage with a semi-large walk in closet and laminate flooring.  However, now that BJ is almost a year and crawling, it felt like we were living in a mini-cardboard box... Plus, BJ had a difficult time crawling around on the hard floor.  We realized that we had to leave the cottage that was once cozy and move on to a higher-priced, comfier location.  (Is comfier a word?)  HJ: "And at least our son gets a room now!"  We are really excited and ecstatic!  YIPPEEEE. (Sorry, I couldn't control myself. haha)  So this three-day weekend will be spent cleaning and moving into the new house. I was so excited to start my day today that I woke up at 3:30am. hahaha. Now that it's 6:30, I think I can get up and get ready to move. Wahoo!  See you all soon!  Pictures coming later....

Oh... and BJ says Hi!:  +9fo+r119-888888885


  1. WOW...what a wonderful reason to be missing! The mortgage is a pain, but in the end its your and something you can give to your babies!

  2. YAY!! I can't wait to see some pictures. Congratulations!