Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Birthday!!!

Happy First Birthday BJ!!  Mommy and Daddy love you sooooooo much. <3

It's so hard to believe that a year ago today, you were born.  You have grown so big so fast.  Your first year has been so special for us, and we want you to know that you are the joy of our lives.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday BJ!!

    Are you ready for the big party??

    I'll be home on Maui at the end of this month for my nephew's 1st birthday and I gotta say, I'm kinda happy that I live in Honolulu and will be there only 24 hours before the event LOL

    can't wait to see pics!

  2. um, so I totally didn't see your comment on your other post about having a smaller party.

    I'm not a moron, I swear! LOL

  3. Running a little behind here, but HAPPY HAPPY birthday!!!!