Saturday, June 4, 2011

Getting Dirty

BJ and I got to hang out yesterday now that I'm home for summer, so we went to water my parents' yard because they were away on vacation.  While we were there, I realized something extremely important. 

Sometimes... it's important to learn how to stay clean....

And sometimes, you just have to plaaaaay and get dirty.....

Ooh! A lemon in the muddy water!
Hmm... I see this muddy water.

Okay I'll go swimming in it and just shower later...

And sleep on the car ride home.


  1. I love seeing kids having fun and getting dirty!

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  2. I love getting dirty with the kids... I always say a dirty kid is a happy kid!!!

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  5. what a beautiful baby! I just found your blog through family friendly hop! I love maui! you live in a beautiful place!
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  6. Awww he is just so precious!! Love the last photo made me say "AW" out loud haha!

  7. A lot of kids (including mine) do love to get dirty don't they?!? LOL

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  8. New follower from today's blog hop...and we love playing in dirt..I gave my daughter a place in my garden that she has turned into a mud pit..she is covered before long and I have to water hose her down before coming back inside :) she loves it. we make mud cupcakes, pies, soup, and casseroles! haha. come by and say hello
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace

  9. AWww so cute! Following througt he blog hop :)