Friday, December 21, 2012

BJ Went to the Dentist ~ Pedodontic Associates (Maui)

Pedodontic Associates (Maui) - A Personal Review

BJ went to his first dentist check up 2 days ago. (I know what you're thinking.  Huh? Isn't he almost 3 years old? Why hasn't he gone earlier? Yes, I have slacked in that department. lol)

Just a mini-review for any readers I have on Maui.  They haven't asked me to review or anything, but I thought it was important to share with you some things I learned about their company.

Pedodontic Associates is in Kahului, Maui.

1.  When you first walk in, there are a lot of colorful paintings of sea creatures on the wall, and the staff is extremely friendly.  If it's your first visit, they ask you to fill out two applications, so be prepared to wait a little while.  The only difficult part for me was that I went by myself, so I had to watch BJ and fill out paperwork, which would normally be fine, except BJ was exceptionally hyper that day... My only suggestion for Pedodontic Associates would be to perhaps have a mini-toy station where kids can play with toys while parents fill out paperwork.  They had one TV, that was up near the ceiling, so BJ couldn't see the TV anyway.  He just kept running around laughing and jumping on their    chairs and wouldn't sit down... I even tried giving him my iPhone but that didn't work! Oh well, what can you do? haha.

2.  Finally done with paperwork, they called us into the examination room, and the hygenist we had was extremely nice and great with kids. She let BJ know that if he was good, she would give him a toy at the end. There was a TV in the room to help him be distracted too.  She asked BJ to brush his teeth to see if he knew how to properly brush... and phew, BJ was great throughout the whole process! The dentist came in to check him and he suggested that we need to brush his back teeth a little better (woops) but that everything looked great. He did say, however, that BJ might need braces when he's older, so we better start saving. (eep)

3. BJ was really happy in the end when he got his stickers and toy car, haha. He's signed up for a cleaning in six months, so we'll see how that goes.

Overall, Pedodontics was great.  BJ likes the dentist because it was such a positive experience. He likes showing off his teeth now, and bragging that he brushes his teeth... lol...


  1. I went to Pedodontics when I was younger!

    All through my teens, too LOL.

    Love watching Disney movies while my teeth are getting cleanes... they should have that in every dental office!

  2. I'm in the same boat, I need to take my son too who is almost 3 yrs also. I'm glad for your review as I'm also considering Pedodontics too. Thank you!

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