Sunday, January 27, 2013

Date Night - Dinner (Ramen Ya) and a Movie

Hubby and I are very lucky that both of our parents live near us, just in case we have to go somewhere without Jacob, and when Hubby asked if I wanted to go out last night, I jumped at the chance!  In fact, Jacob ended up sleeping over at his grandparents' house last night.  I know of some kids who can't sleep over anywhere if their parents aren't with them, but Jacob is independent, so we're pretty lucky. He's been sleeping over at his grandparents' houses every once in a while since he was 1 years old.

So... date night. The night started off with a trip to Ramen Ya at the mall. (Kaahumanu Shopping Center)  While it's not the fanciest of places and is always crowded, the food is tasty and the menu prices are AWESOME. Plus, there's always parking because it's at the main mall on Maui.

I got the Combo A, which included a small order of Shoyu Ramen, fried rice, and 4 pieces of gyoza (pot stickers).  Hubby got the Combo B, which was a small order of Won Ton Min, chicken katsu curry, and 4 pieces of gyoza.  Both combos were a steal, only $9.50, and the portions were huge humongous!  (Sorry, there aren't any pictures of Hubby's combo because he started digging in before I could get out my camera.)  

I truly recommend this restaurant if you're looking for a quick, cheap place to eat.

Next, we decided to see "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" at the mall's theatre, Consolidated Theaters.  First, I would like begin by saying Hubby and I don't get to go out to watch movies that often because we have a very active child who wouldn't sit still in a movie if our life depended on it... and because we don't get out much, I don't know what the prices are like in other cities, but did you see the prices in my picture above?  $10 to watch a movie, and that's just one person! Then, Hubby said he couldn't go to a movie and not get anything, so we shared this:

One small water bottle and a small ice cream cup... drum roll please... $8.50! So while we saved money on dinner, the movie cost us a total of $28.50. Sheesh.  And to make things worse, Hubby fell asleep in the movie! (The Hobbit didn't up being his favorite movie, I guess. Ha.)  For $10, I should have woken him up! (I will leave a review of the movie up to the critics, but let's just say it wasn't our favorite.)

In any case, despite the cost associated with the movie, I had a nice night.

While we missed this goofball...

I also think it's important for us as a couple to  spend time with each other, alone.  When Jacob is around, we focus entirely on him, so we don't necessarily get to have sophisticated conversations.... mostly about animals and mac 'n cheese.  Plus, Jacob gets to spend time with his grandparents. It's win-win. Thank you grandparents (both paternal and maternal) for being there for our family!

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  1. This makes me miss Maui... if only to have my parents near by to baby sit! LOL

    The one and only time Carl and I went to the movies alone was back in October while we were visiting my relatives. They offered to watch Phillip and it was pure bliss!

    Of course we missed him- but I wish we had more outings like that =)