Saturday, April 5, 2014

GNO Night/A Fresh Express Review

Every Thursday, there are six of us who get together for a fun, relaxing night. We share stories, laughs, and food.  It's an enjoyable Girl's Night Out (GNO). We take turns at each other's houses, and whoever hosts the event for the evening is responsible for cooking.  It's funny because when we first started doing this, we didn't all know each other well... and now I'd say we're pretty close friends. A special shout out to Jen and Jenavi for getting us all together. :-)

A few weeks ago, it was my turn, and I decided to have a local-Hawaii themed food night.

I made Teriyaki beef, chow fun, and asian salad for dinner that night.  

The best part was that I had the opportunity to review Fresh Express Salad and used the chance on our GNO night.  

Fresh Express Salad is holding a 30 Day Salad Swap challenge, where you try to swap out salad for a less-healthy meal item for 30 days. I had the opportunity to review the salad and share the opportunity with the girls.  

My favorite part of Fresh Express salad is that it's thoroughly washed.... It's convenient, healthy, and yummy. Who can complain?

Overall, I'd say Hawaii Food GNO was a great success!

GNO Girls: Shayna, Kari, Jenavi, and Jen. *Missing Katrina

(I received no compensation for trying the Fresh Express Salad, other than the Fresh Express product.)
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