Thursday, October 9, 2014

Maui Fair 2014

Last Thursday, our family spent the day at the Maui Fair. The Maui Fair is similar to many state fairs throughout the country, but the food, activities, and ambiance are unique to Maui. Jacob loves the Maui Fair so much that whenever we drive past the field where it's held, he asks how long he has until the fair is here again.  "Hey! That's where they have the fair. I went there. Remember? When can I go there?" This is the normal sequence of questions that arise when we drive past the field.

My favorite things to eat at the fair are the Chow Fun, Fried Ice Cream, Smoked Meat, and Pizza. This year, I tried the Saimin Burger and it was AMAZING! Most of the time, you can only find the fair food at the fair, but I am so thankful that they sell the Saimin Burger at L&L.

Jacob's favorite activity at the fair is probably the rides. He's hit the height minimum for most of the rides now. The only negative is that it's quite pricey to purchase the tickets. If you go on Sunday, the cost to ride is much cheaper, but we like to go on Thursdays because the crowd is small. It's a toss up. In the end, though, the expenses are worth it to see the joy on Jacob's face.

Here's a short clip of Jacob, his uncle, cousin, and I riding the Giant Slide.

Until next year, Maui Fair. Can't wait to see you again!

What's your favorite fair activity?

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