Friday, February 19, 2010

Went to Baby Class :-)

HJ and I went to a baby class last night. (Yes, I do know I am supposed to be on bed rest... but it was too hard to resist taking this class.) It was our second of three baby classes, where the instructor will teach us about how to bathe baby, breastfeed, swaddle, make your own baby food, etc. Last night's class was about safety and what to do if baby's sick.
I didn't realize that there are so many things to think about when you become a parent. Before this class, I never even gave a single thought to nasal aspirators and rectal thermometers. It makes me nervous, although I think for the most part, motherhood comes naturally for most women. Still... when you become a mother, you are taking care of another human being; raising someone you helped create. Eek. The PRESSURE. haha. I guess the only thing you can do is try your best to be the best parent you can be. :-P

Which is why HJ and I decided to take the class. When I told my dad about taking the class, he said, "Why? She's making money off of you! I didn't take the class and you turned out fine." This is true; but I think taking this class makes me feel a little less anxious about all things baby... a little more prepared.

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