Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Have to Keep This Up - For Jacob!

Jacob Roger Fumio was born on March 9, 2010 at 6:02 p.m. When he was born, he was 19 inches, 6lb. 15oz. It's been close to one month since he was born and I'm finally here writing a blog. :-( I'm such a terrible procrastinator but I told myself I would keep up with this blog and I truly MUST for Jacob's sake.

Oye. He's crying... Be right back... I hope! :-)

Okay 30 minutes later after feeding him, I'm back. Today's topic: Language change.

I noticed after becoming a mom that the vocabulary I use with HJ has drastically changed. Now, we talk about poop like it's no big deal, and "doodie diaper" has become a normal part of our conversation. I even text him about Baby Jacob's doodie diapers. Normal questions include: Was it a doodoo or a fart? Did he shishi? Does he want the boobie? LOL. Gosh, I suppose it's embarrassing to admit that we talk in this way, but I told myself that when I started this blog, I wouldn't hold anything back when I write about BJ. So yes, that is how we talk now. So romantic, isn't it?

Okay I have lots of other topics to write about, but I hope to save them for many more entries to come. :-) And anyway, he's crying again. See you later, baby readers!


  1. wait till you guys start going on about the different types of doodoo.

  2. LoL It is romantic! But, hey you all are communicating and that's the most important thing!