Thursday, April 28, 2011


Okay this is one of those posts that most people don't want to read about... but I thought I should catalog this in BJ's blog because it's something that happened to him and I promised to write everything that happens in his life.

BJ has been having diarrhea.  Not just diarrhea, actually, but yellow, watery, icky diarrhea.  I feel so bad for him... It's been going on since Sunday, the day that he had his fever, and at first we weren't worried because we thought it would go away just like his fevers, but they haven't gone away yet.  Today, HJ and I were nervous because it's the 5th day and he had 3 dirty diapers in the early morning so I called the doctor's office, and the advice nurse said it sounded like a virus and to just make sure BJ stays hydrated.  Really?  Is that all?  I'm sure he's fine because he's acting normal, but it's still nerve-wracking when something about him isn't normal. I hope things get better for him soon.  The nurse said a virus could last as long as a week, so... I guess it's just a matter of drinking lots of water/pedialyte and waiting. *sigh*

I am saving you from pictures tonight because no one wants to see the gross diapers that I have seen the past couple of days. YUCK. hehe...

If BJ reads this 20 years from now, or worse yet if his future girlfriend reads this 20 years from now, I feel bad for him. :-P

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  1. LOL..My baby Tanis has been what I started calling Playdough poop or dookie...I felt so bad for him because I thought they hurt. I've been reading up a lot and checking on the website for info. One of the best books so far are Baby Sense Secret by Megan Faure...good luck with the poop department!