Wednesday, May 4, 2011


BJ's been pretty verbal lately.  He'll walk up to us, point to something, and saw a word or two... sometimes even a long length of sounds that seem like a sentence.  The most difficult part is that sometimes, he doesn't actually say words, even though he thinks he is. He gets really frustrated if he's talking to us but we don't understand him.  I think it's a really difficult stage that he's in right now because he knows what he wants but it's hard for him to verbalize it.

BJ talking to mommy
  Here are words he can say at 14 months old. (He turns 14 months on the 9th)

Jacob... how old are you - "One" - As he holds his index finger up, symbolizing the number one
"Nice" - Just learned this one
"Wa" - like water

There might be a couple of more words he can say and I'm pretty sure I'm missing some.

I think this is a pretty good list for 14 months old; especially since "No" is not in there yet. Hehe. He does something different every day.  It's amazing how much information a young child can retain!  The brain is an amazing organ. :-)