Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Healthy Eats

Before I had BJ, I had an image in my head of how I would be the perfect mother - and one of those attributes included feeding baby healthy, homemade foods, and sitting around the dinner table eating a family meal together.  Of course, when reality set in and time became involved, BJ started eating more and more take out and frozen meals. *Sigh* I'm imperfect.  

A recent outing at Burger King

Today, HJ and I set a goal for ourselves to be better about our entire family's eating habits.  We've been eating out way too often, and have been teaching BJ that take out and fast food is okay to eat daily.  His favorite food is French Fries and if he sees one of us eating french fries, he'll cry out in frustration because he wants to eat it too.

Sooooooo I went to the library yesterday and borrowed a book on homemade toddler foods, and I realized that in reality, it's just adult food without the salt!  After my realization, HJ and I went to the neighborhood supermarket and purchased fresh meats and veggies, and I plan to make dinner at home every day this week.   I'm really excited.  I have also fallen in love with our slow cooker... a true best friend for a busy mom!!  You just place your food in the pot before you leave the house, turn the knob to low/high heat, and voilĂ , your food is done when you get home from work. I love it!

I hope that you are all eating yummy meals with your families, and if you can share tips with us, I would love to hear from you.  Wish us luck. :-)

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