Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby Furniture

BJ's such a small guy... and for such a small guy, he sure takes up a lot of room in this house.  Actually, you can't really call the establishment we live in a "house".  We live in a small one bedroom cottage, which I should say I'm thankful for living in because the rent is amazingly cheap.  Anyway, when it was just me and HJ, I could actually walk around with some comfort. Now, we have so many baby items that I feel like I'm sinking deeper and deeper in a sea of baby clutter.

The picture above is what prompted me to write this blog... HJ was sleeping, so he had the couch reclined back, and I had to step over him to go into kitchen.  Lots and lots of STUFF. We have a bouncer, a walker, a swing, a rocking chair, a co-sleeper, a bassinet, a baby clothes cabinet, and lots and lots of stuffed animals. :-)  In fact, I have so much furniture that I had to take some to my parents' house!  Lucky for me, my mom puts BJ's stuff in my old room... but I doubt my dad is happy about my old room becoming a storage facility. Oh well, hehe.

The one furniture item that I am truly thankful for is something we received yesterday from HJ's co-worker.  It is a swing made by Boppy.  Here's a picture of it:

The swing is the best baby furniture ever invented.  BJ has been sleeping in his swing for a whole 3 hours now without stirring!  It's an amazing contraption.  In fact, I seriously question what I am doing awake at this hour... I should be sleeping since I know he will be out like a light.  This swing adjusts for BJ's weight and swings according to how heavy he is.  Before we received this swing, BJ would wake up every two hours, sometimes every hour.  I can't speak for him, but I think the movement soothes him and he feels like someone is holding him.  Whatever the case may be, he's ASLEEP... and I will sleep now too so I can catch some rest.  Good night baby readers!


  1. Those swings are amazing things! I've seen their magic being worked before, and I was in awe. Hope you got some good sleep!

  2. Habebi - Thank you!! It really is amazing. I watched BJ fall asleep before my very eyes... before, he would always have to be held to fall asleep. I'm in SHOCK.

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