Monday, April 12, 2010

Going Out With Baby

Last week, HJ went back to work because he had a deadline, and I stayed home semi-alone and took care of BJ!  (I say "semi-alone" because technically, BJ and I are at home together.)  I thought I would have a hard time, but it actually wasn't too bad.  The only thing that I had a difficult time with was taking care of BJ while balancing housework.  Needless to say, I did not get a lot of chores or work done... but I had to tell myself that this was okay as long as BJ got cared for.  And it is okay. I just have do get a lot more done when either my mom or HJ are here... Speaking of which, HJ is staying home for another two weeks starting today, so I need to finish all of my chores before he goes back to work.  I'll be a little sad when HJ goes back to work for good in two weeks, and I'm sure he will be too, but we have to have $$$ to survive, as I'm already taking a leave without pay.  *Sigh*

BJ in his car seat (from this was his car ride home from the hospital.  He hasn't ridden in it much since... read why:

Since HJ will be going to work starting next week, I'm sure I'll have to run errands by myself.  Problem is, I still have not tackled the challenge of going out with BJ alone.  Even if HJ, BJ, and I go out, we only stay out for, at the most, an hour.  Our longest time out was a trip to Wal-Mart and the local supermarket.

The problem is that I have seen the way strangers look at us when BJ is crying in his stroller, and their evil glares make me feel like I am a terrible parent and it scares me to go out alone.  At least right now, they can stare at both me and HJ, and I don't feel like it's entirely my fault.  It's not like BJ is loud when he screams, but those glares can be pretty brutal.  What makes me feel worse is that I used to look at parents and wonder why they couldn't control their screaming kid.  Now, I know that sometimes, babies just cry... For example, BJ started crying in Wal-Mart once because he pooped in his diaper.  The entire walk to the car to change his diaper, BJ was crying, and we got evil looks the entire way.  It felt like I was a criminal.

I'm sure that I will get used to going out with BJ, but that first trip frightens me. Any advice, baby readers???


  1. Omg, I realized I'm totally guilty of this. >_< I promise to be more considerate to all mommies out there in the future. :3

    If you ever need to go shopping/run errands and HJ's not available, let me know! I'd love to tag along with you guys~ I'm usually home on Mon, Tues and Thurs so don't hesitate to call! <3

  2. sayapapaya - haha i know... i'm guilty of it too so don't even worry about it!! and i think i will take you up on that offer!! expect a call soon :-D

  3. Hehe. I used to be scared too cuz I felt like Mina was always crying when she was a baby. Now, she gets impatient with me sometimes at the store and she gets pretty loud. I used to get really embarassed, but now I just talk to her and tell her she has to be patient and try to distract her with something or another. I think I've also just gotten kinda used to it and I ignore the stares. If other people are giving you dirty looks maybe pretend not to see them, or just smile at everybody. If you smile at them then they have to smile back, right? :-)

  4. good point! i think i'll try that next time :-)

  5. Ah, don't think that people are giving you "stink eye." No parent has had a child that is the quiet angel every single time. Most people understand.

    Those that don't...probably didn't have kids, so they don't count (like when we tell guys, "no uterus, no opinion" same thing).

    Yes, distraction is good thing. Use it now because when he gets older (talking years now, not months) it may not work.

    I know that when the girls did cry and I was alone, I just talked to them (loud enough so that ppl wouldn't think that I'm ignoring her cries). Come to think of it, this helped me to focus on baby, not others.

    And yes, a smile goes a long way.

    p.s. love how you're doing this. can you teach me later? oh and i'm like you too (i want to craft, make albums, embroider, etc) but i can't find the time...after 5 yrs nope...haven't figured out a system yet.

  6. I would LOVE to show you how... it's really easy. ( is what I use but there are tons of blog sites out there.)

    And I've been going out a lot more now... by myself! hehe. I still get nervous when he cries but I've been lucky lately. He likes movement so all I have to do is move the wagon/stroller and he kinda quiets. Still hard to ignore the looks... but you're probably right. They either don't have kids or are just looking cuz they hear a noise. Still hard to ignore... I'm sure I'll get more used to it as time passes. :-)