Sunday, June 13, 2010

My First Blog Hop - A Hat for Andrew

I've only recently begun writing in the blogging world.  I didn't realize there were so many bloggers and readers out there, and have become addicted to entering giveaways!  (I've won three things so far but have yet to receive them. Maybe this is the price I pay for living in Hawaii.)  Giveaways are so much fun because you have the excitement of wondering if you're going to win... then if you win, WAHOO. I suppose it's a bit like gambling.  You keep putting entry after entry win until you hit the jackpot, only to enter all over again.

Well, I was reading blogs on my google reader today and came across this entry by "My New Life as Mom" blogger, Stephanie.  It's about a young boy who has cancer, and his mommy is trying to collect hats from each state in the United States to cheer him up.  I was so happy to find that Hawaii wasn't taken yet so that I could send them a care package.  I also realized that blogging isn't necessarily only about entering giveaways for cool prizes.  Blogging can make a difference in people's lives.  Although I only have 8 followers, I will do my best to try and find more people to send Andrew a hat!  Andrew is certainly in my thoughts and prayers....


  1. Thanks for getting the word out about the Hats Off project! And you've already won three things online? Wow! Can you send some of your luck my way? =>

  2. Now you have 9 followers. Thanks so much for spreading the word about Andrew from Monday's Little Miracles. I just posted a blog hop - jump in and get more followers. Have a great night.