Friday, June 11, 2010

TV - Entertainment?

 Scene:  My Parents' House

Before you think anything, BJ was semi-posed for this picture.  (When I showed this picture to my mom, she said I put him too close to the t.v.)  The placement of his walker is posed so he could fit in the picture.  What is not posed, however, is the way in which BJ was staring at the tv:

Funny, isn't it?  My first thought was, "GOSH, he is a BOY!"  HJ has this same exact look when he watches tv.  Then, I started thinking about whether BJ watching tv is a good thing or not.  I'm trying to be a "good parent", whatever that term means, and trying to set good examples for him.  I think that as parents, we shape the way our babies will become in the future, so I'd hate to somehow hurt his chances of BJ getting into Yale or Stanford (haha) by letting him watch tv at the young age of 3 months.  I think that what he is really doing is staring at the movement on the screen rather than watching tv, but you never know what he's really thinking.  Afterall, he can't talk.  I know that I'm trying my best as a parent but I still have worries about whether I'm really doing the best I can.  You just never know, you know? 

Anyway, before I make this post too depressing, I'll stop.  Here's another picture of BJ watching TV today at my parents' house:

Yes, the remote was staged.  Again, the staring was not....