Thursday, June 17, 2010


Could BJ be teething?  I've been wondering this for over a week now, when Stephanie over at "My New Life As Mom" posted this cute picture of her son.

Of course, BJ at 3 months is no where near this stage yet (or so I hope).  However, I think he's showing signs that his teeth are starting to come up.  Here's what he has:

  • He's ALWAYS drooling
  • Warmer than usual 
  • Has slight diarrhea
  • Slightly fussy (but heat could be the cause of this)
  • Loves to chew on a cold rag  
Could this be teething?

Well, I've always been pretty paranoid when it comes to illnesses.  Not just for BJ but for myself as well.  If I have one cough or sneeze, I will pick up the phone and call my doctor.  I hate it when I call the doctor because I don't want to inconvenience her, but I don't want something to be wrong! So I called again today... and the nurse at the doctor's office said BJ shouldn't be teething until he's 5 or 6 months.  So I let it go, thinking that I'm going nuts and being paranoid yet again.

Then, I got an email from Stephanie.  She said her son started teething at 8 weeks! So there, Nurse Lady! I'm not going crazy. Maybe BJ really is teething.

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  1. I am your newest follower! =)

  2. It's possible! Every kiddo is different of course, so BJ just could be ahead of the curb in this respect. Keep an eye on those gums! lol Not like I had to tell you that... ;-)

  3. aw he's a cutie. I know my boys all got their first tooth around 4 months. I've heard of babies being born with teeth so...could be. Following you from Social Parade Friday blog hop:

  4. ADORABLE!!!! I am your newest follower! Hope you will stop by and visit my site too!


  5. Babies are tough! the first year for me is the worst. I don't know if he is teething but babies grow up fast so their whole body hurt at some point. He is sure cute!.
    i am a Mom too and baby hungry ! LOL
    Following your cute blog, come say hi and do the same :)

  6. Shanna - Thanks for following me back! :-)

    Habebi - Thanks! Yah I'm gonna watch them like a hawk. lol.

    Angie - Wow, 4 months? Thank you for sharing. It makes me feel better... maybe I'm not going crazy after all. haha.

    Mellisa - Thank you! I'm following you now :-)

    Le Chateau des fleurs - I love your blog! Went to say hello :-) I'm enjoying his first three months so far... but you're right. He's getting fussier. I think it's due to the teething.

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  8. Happy Friday Blog Hop!

    Visiting from the social parade!

    Now, we are following you. Looking forward to connecting with you!

    Gigi & Mis

  9. I have to admit...I may have stalked BJ's pictures a little bit...he's just so gosh-darned cute. I love the pic of him with the remote and in his bebepod!
    Happy Friday from your newest follower.

  10. caleb got his first teeth at 4 months and i think brynna's teething he probably is! all babies are different and your mommy instincts are strong, no matter what the "general timeline" says!!

  11. He is so adorable! I have heard of some babys being born with teeth! Sounds like he is teething to me! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am your newest follower as well.

  12. A mother knows when something's up. =)

  13. I have four and that sounds like teething to me. My 2nd son got his first tooth at 9wks. ALL kids are different no matter what anyone says. They all LEARN & GROW and different rates...That is the best thing I learned and really helped with the worrying
    Following from SPF

  14. Kim - I have been following your great blog for a while! :-)

    Bloggers - I loved your tips!! Can't wait to read more.

    Crayon Wranglers - aww thank you! I'm following you now too :-)

    ASKC - I appreciate you saying that b/c he's so cranky. The nurse made me think I was being paranoid.

    Kelli - Wow! Born with teeth? That's interesting! I'm kind of glad BJ wasn't like that.

    Shanda - good point... except this mother sometimes makes things up in her head. lol

    Mystee - I love giveaways! I'll be sure to enter.

    Crystal - Wow, a mother of 4? I'm going nuts with one. haha. I do hope to have more some day though. Thank you for that great advice. I appreciate the comment.

    beingaraandzidan - Thank you! I did. :-)

  15. I think my baby girl started early, but they didn't show through until about the 7th month -- then 4 came in together!

    Am now following!

  16. New follower from the social parade. My son started getting teeth and 4 months!! It wasn't fun, but it's been nice because he could eat solid foods sooner.

    Stop by some time and say hi!


  17. discoveringthemeinmommy - oh my gosh 4 at the same time??? That must've been painful for her!

    KdBuggie Boutique - 4 months seems to be a pretty common age. BJ is almost there... I bet it really is teething. Eek. HJ and I are actually looking forward to the solid food stage! Seems fun!