Saturday, September 4, 2010

Apparently, My Blog is Stylish

Hooray!  My blog has won an award.  Thank you to Ladii Aponte at "Through My Eyes", who awarded me with the "Stylish Blogger Award".  Thank you Ladii~!  You're AWESOME.

Okay, so... to officially accept this award, I am supposed to reveal 5 secrets about me or my blog.  Here we go:

1.  I am a high school business teacher, but that was never my dream job.

When I was young, I wanted to be an emergency room doctor and "knew" I was going to be one.  I wanted to save people's lives.  When my other friends would say they wanted to be teachers, I would laugh and say I could never do it because I wouldn't be able to control kids. Weird how things work out.  I LOVE everything about being a teacher now, and I like to think I can "control" my classroom, hehe.  I have a wonderful job, and I can honestly say I am working my dream job. :-)

2.  BJ does cry sometimes, but I highlight his smiles.

What can I say... he's a baby, right?  Yes, BJ does cry, but I'm too busy making sure he's not crying to take pictures of these moments.  I am so thankful because he actually doesn't cry that often.  In fact, I don't remember him sobbing much lately.  He's actually a really good baby.

3.  Although HJ and I are from the same island, we met in college on a different island.

Not much of a secret to my close friends and family, but yes we didn't meet until college, even though we're both from Maui.  What's even funnier is that we had mutual friends before we met, but hadn't heard of each other until that day.  It's kind of weird how it all works out.  Who would've known that when we met that day in the back of his best friend's pick up truck, seven years later we'd be married with a baby!

4.  I don't really know who reads my blog.

When I first started this blog, I sent out an e-mail to many of my friends and family linking back here.  However, not many of them are avid blog writers/readers, so they don't always comment. (Hi Family! Hi Friends!)  Therefore, I don't really know who reads my blog.  Every once in a while, someone will talk about something I mentioned here, but for the most part, I have no idea.  I would like to say hi to all of them... Shout out to all Maui/Hawaii Peeps! :-D

5.  I read everyone's blog that I follow.

Yes. You read right.  I follow everyone who follows me, plus others whom I feel write about exceptional things, and I read every one of them in my google reader.  Sometimes, it can take me an hour or two to get through all of them, but I read what everyone wrote since they took the time to write it.  I hope people will do the same for me.  Plus, I love reading blogs.


Okay, all done!  Thank you again, Ladii Aponte, for the award! 

Now it's my turn to pass on the award.  Here are five blogs that I feel are stylish and deserve the "Stylish Blogger Award".

Congratulations~!  Now off to eat dinner with HJ, BJ, and my parents.  Have a wonderful 3-day weekend everyone.


  1. i like #5. i'm the same way. i read all posts. and you said it perfectly. *they took the time to write it*

  2. Well as You can see I just Read yours! I try and get around to reading every ones even the giveaways Lol Lately im just so busy and weekends are the worst! I got home to type up my blog around 730 ish and didnt finish till almost 9 so i could upload photos and such so i wouldnt have to Post twice!
    I never considered JC a possibility to even dating Me lol and look at us now going on 3 years of marrieage with a 20 month old! it is funny how things work out!

  3. Awwww thank you girl!! And thanks for reading my little ol' blog too!

  4. What a cute blog! I'm glad I found you from the blog hop. I'm your newest follower! Your little guy is absolutely adorable! I look forward to reading your blog.

  5. Awww you so sweet! Tanks eh! Wow, laulau! :)

  6. Hello, Howdy, Hi I am a new follower. I would love for you to follow me also.