Monday, September 27, 2010

Safeway GC Winners + More

I'm here to announce the TWO WINNERS for the $50 Safeway Gift Card!

Congratulations goes to...

Mami2Jcn and Heather!  I will email you shortly and you will have 48 hours to respond. Congratulations!!!

I wish that I had more gift cards to giveaway so that everyone who voted for BJ could win something. :-/ Maybe some day when I'm a billionaire. Hehe. Until then... There are only two winners. Sorry!  But you still have time to enter my giveaway for the 250 DieCut Business Cards!  :-P  And you could still vote for BJ, hehe. He still hasn't won. :-( Makes me sad but he's the cutest and cuddliest boy in my heart. <3

BJ has been pretty fussy lately.  He woke up at 11:30 pm last night and stayed up crying for a good 30 minutes, then woke up 2 more times.  We don't know if it's due to constipation or  teething but something's keeping him from sleeping through the night.  At least he's a happy baby during the day... hehe. Still, though, I woke up at 6:50 this morning because I was so tired... and I'm supposed to leave for work by 7!!  I was not on time today. Haha. My students were waiting outside my room for me. WOOPS. 

Anyway, I felt like "SuperMom" on Sunday and finished all of my mommy-house chores... which means I can blog tonight! Woohoo! Giveaway and reviews coming soon. :-) Congratulations again, Mami2jcn and Heather!