Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hectic - First Antibiotic and Constipootion

Ugh, this week has been sooooo hectic. This past weekend, BJ got an infection in a small cut on his finger so he had to take his first antibiotic (cephalexin).  Funny part is, he really liked drinking it.  Probably because it was the pink antibiotic that tastes a little like bubble gum and he didn't drink anything that was sweet until then.  I'm glad he didn't spit it out!

Drinking the antibiotic was fine, but for some reason, he developed constipation after that and didn't poo for 2 and a half days.  Poor guy was really cranky and uncomfortable so I had to stay home from work on Monday to be with him.  Because of that, I've been playing catch-up all week at work.  Sorry I haven't been blogging much but I'll be sure to catch up over the weekend!

Still plenty of time to enter my two giveaways.  Thanks to everyone who has been entering. :-)

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