Monday, August 9, 2010

5 months old?????

Jacob makes 5 months today!  HJ and I were putting together BJ's photo album and we were looking through BJ's pictures from when he was first born.  It's weird.  I thought that BJ didn't change that much from when he was born, but he has actually changed a lot.  I don't even recognize the baby in BJ anymore.  Today's picture day for my blog... look at how he's changed:

BJ's first day on Earth
BJ Month 1

Jacob Month 1

BJ Month 2

BJ Month 3

BJ Month 4

Tuesday Tag-Along



  1. he's so gosh darn cute, every single month :)

  2. Those smiles of his make me melt!! You have such a handsome and charming little guy.

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  5. aww cute baby!

    thanks for following im following back!

  6. You're awesome. That's been one of my projects but no progress yet. Good job!

  7. I know whenever I look at Mason's pictures, I'm just SHOCKED by how "alien" like he looked the first month or so. I don't remember him looking like that - he looked totally normal to me, but now looking back at those pictures, I can't remember him looking any differently than he does right now!

    I was just gonna say Happy 5 Months Little Man, but he's almost 6 months now! Where does the time go!!???