Sunday, August 15, 2010

Eating Peas!

BJ ate peas for the first time today! His first real HUMAN FOOD (aside from rice cereal)!

And he did not like it. He made the most sour face ever and held the peas in his mouth for a long time before he swallowed.

In fact, he disliked it so much that after eating a spoonful of peas, he scarfed down spoonfuls of rice cereal to erase the taste.

But mommy and daddy had lots of fun feeding him and taking pictures.  :-)



  1. LJ really liked the sweet stuff like pear or applesauce. i think his first food was sweet potato. Yay for Jacob!

  2. How cute he is!!

    Following you from Meet Me Monday. I would really appreciate it if you could stop over and follow me back. Terry

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  3. LOL That second picture is awesome!! Classic, 'What in the world did I just put in my mouth?!?!?!' face.

  4. hahaha it was fun, but also very messy!

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