Thursday, August 19, 2010


HJ and I are so torn about what to do... While we both believe it is important for BJ to go to church, we don't know where.  You see, I was raised going to Sunday School at a buddhist church.  HJ, on the other hand, was raised going to a Christian church every Sunday.  Not to brag, but I believe that HJ and I have grown up to be good citizens of our community (LOL), and I think going to church every Sunday has helped us to become better human beings.  I would like BJ to have a solid level of integrity and values, and this would help give him a solid foundation.

This isn't meant to be a debate about what's better:  Christianity or Buddhism, because I don't believe that this is the place for that, and I am not trying to offend anyone.  I guess I'm just rambling because BJ is getting older and it's getting harder to say, "We'll worry about it later", because later is coming soon.  Since HJ and I started dating and I started thinking about our future together, I always knew this was going to be a problem, and I always had that "We'll worry about it later" mentality.  Now that "later" is here, I STILL don't know what to do. :-/

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