Sunday, August 8, 2010

BJ's Babysitter and a 20lb Rice Bag

This coming Thursday will be BJ's first day at the babysitter!  I'm hoping, hoping, hoping pleading with the milk gods that BJ will be able to drink from the bottle.  Otherwise, I honestly won't know what to do.  A book that HJ and I are reading says we were supposed to start feeding BJ the bottle two weeks before I went back to work.  Woops... that didn't happen.  Tomorrow, we're going to try feeding him the bottle the whole day even though I'll be home.  If that doesn't work, UGH, I won't know what our next steps will be because I am seriously running out of ideas.  People on the Full Time Moms forum help keep me sane but nothing is working.

I really hope the sitter ("Aunty K") works out because she is so nice!  Aunty K will be watching BJ from Mondays - Thursdays, and my mom will be watching him on Fridays.  My mom's been having practice watching BJ by herself.  In fact, she helped me by watching him today while I went to set up the computers in my classroom.

Funny, though.  I guess you have to get used to holding a near-20 pound baby.  When I went back to her house to pick up BJ, she kept complaining about how her arms and shoulders hurt.  I guess my arms are just used to BJ's weight since I was able to get accustomed to his weight gradually.  We Hawaii people compare babies to various rice bag sizes.  BJ is almost as heavy as a BIG 20 pound rice bag:

Some of you savvy bloggers may have noticed that this is a picture of a 10 lb rice bag. That was all I could find when doing a google images search. Hahaha.

Aloha for now~

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  1. hey girl! BJ is a cutie pie! I am now following from Sunday Strolling, have a great day! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by today! Returning the follow!

  3. Hi, I found you through the Sunday blog hops, and I am now following your blog. Your little one is so cute. I have a little boy who is about to turn two on August 11th. He now weighs 35lbs., and he was around 20 lbs. at BJ's age. Yes, my arms still hurt from carrying him, but at least I know he's a strong, healthy little guy. It's nice to meet you. I can't wait to read more.

  4. I am hopping in!!
    I am a new follower
    Nice to meet you!!
    So sweet ,he is beautiful!!

  5. haha that's so funny, so momona yeah our babies, i remember kahea was almost 20 lb, then he started crawling and lost the sumo weight ;)