Thursday, August 12, 2010

BJ's First Day at the Sitter

Because HJ was having a difficult time feeding BJ, he and I were both nervous about today.  Today was the first day we could take BJ to the sitter, "Aunty K".  After interviewing three babysitters, HJ and I found that Aunty K was a nice fit for us and BJ because (1) she lives right around the corner (2) she is state certified with PATCH (3) she is extremely nice, and (4) she seems well organized and flexible.  I'm so happy we found a great sitter, because the concept of dropping off my child with a stranger scares me quite a bit.... but I trust Aunty K and her wonderful ohana (family).  HJ was so nervous that he was up since 5am pacing around the living room until it was time for us to drop BJ off, while BJ and I slept in until 6:15. Haha!  (Side note: I can't imagine what a nervous wreck HJ will be on BJ's first day of kindergarten.)

Anyway, I stayed home today in case Aunty K called to say she couldn't feed him... but I didn't get a call!  When I went to pick up BJ at 4, he was taking a nap on a pillow and looked so peaceful. Aunty K said he ate from the bottle and barely cried.  He even slept without being rocked.  I was amazed and shocked that he was so good, and I hope he is like that all the time.  I was so proud of him.  He was so happy he didn't want to leave:

Mommy, I'm mad at you for taking me away from Aunty K
(Okay... actually, I think he looks mad because I woke him up from his nap.)

And now, I have to stop blogging to go and grade some papers.  I'm finding it more difficult than before to keep up with grading assignments since I can't really start until after BJ is asleep.  Lucky thing tomorrow is ALOHA FRIDAY!  It's Aloha Friday... No work 'til Monday.... Weeeee.  Aloha and welcome to all new followers!  :-)

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  4. glad things went well at the sitter! I know that can be scary. Blessings to you. Glad to meet you in blog world.

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  6. glad things went well without problem. i stopped by school yesterday only to learn you weren't there (for good reason, now that i know). i have something small for jacob, but i'm going back to oahu on sunday. i'll just give it to my mom to pass on to you. perhaps i should've just left it in your mailbox. duh!

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  9. Awwww BJ definitely likes Aunty K. He probably was feeling the good vibes you were about her. Glad things went well!

  10. Aw thats good it worked out. BJ is adorable.Found your blog on blog hop and followed :)

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  11. It's funny how the kids are different with the sitter...more to come. =)

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