Friday, August 20, 2010

BJ's New Skill

J found a new skill:  "I love sucking my toe, Mommy!"

Doesn't this look so funny? He's so flexible.  Too bad we don't all stay this way when we get older... Oh wait, I spoke too soon. I just tried reaching my toe and got it. Haha!  [You think I'm joking, don't you?  People who know the real me know that I really did try to reach my toe ;-)]

Welcome to all readers new and old! I'll be having a giveaway for two $50 gift cards soon... Stay tuned! :-)

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  1. HI new follower from Social Parade. I was so excited when my son learned to put his foot in his mouth!

  2. Hi Meaghan!


    Already following you! Now posting inspiring messages on my new Facebook fan page. Check it out below:

  3. LoL I had NO doubt you tried it! I love it when babies do that, it's just too cute Which is standard w/babies I know... but, still BJ is rockin' the cuteness.

  4. Ooh my! What an adorable picture!

  5. Aww what a cutie!
    I found you on Following Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!